Why You Need Durable Walking Shoes

Many of us work long hours in front of a screen and often come home to spend more time in front of another. The good news is that even the simple exercise of walking can greatly help to improve our health. The wrong shoe can, unfortunately, negate some of these gains as they can introduce several foot-related conditions over the long run. If you learn much more about how to choose the best pair of walking shoes just for you get in contact with Lori Chin PT of Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY.

Benefits of Walking

Exercise, even something light such as walking, can offer the benefits you can expect, and some you may not.

Burning calories and strengthening your joints and muscles are all perks of an active lifestyle. Walking is also a great entry point toward other more involved, more rewarding exercises for when you're ready to take the next step.

But walking on its own can help improve your mood and energy levels and can even help manage chronic health conditions.

Downsides of Improper Shoes

Whether you're walking for exercise or as part of your job you have the weight of your entire body balanced on your feet which can spell trouble for your heel without proper support.

If shoes don't fit well you can be risking calluses and blisters as your foot shifts inside. A well-fitting shoe should not be either too loose or too tight. Depending on 'breaking in' your new shoes is a bad strategy because as you try to change the shape of your shoe you could be harming your foot.

Shoes that are too tight, for example, can bunch up the toes and can cause deformities such as bunions, and painful conditions like ingrown nails.

Walking Shoes in Somerset, KY

Let the professionals help you choose the best ones for your individual goals, whether that is hiking a trail or making it through a shift at work. Come by and consult with Lori Chin PT and the other experts of Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY, call them by dialing (606) 679-2773.

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