Therapeutic Footwear At Your Local Somerset Shoe Store

Cumberland Run-Walk provides comfortable and supportive footwear for patients in Somerset, KY. At our shoe store, you can find footwear suited for the most common foot issues, and we can help you find the best footwear for whatever foot problems you are dealing with. Especially if your feet are in pain, you need to have the right footwear. Come see us and start to feel better with every step!

Our store is stocked with footwear designed with your foot health in mind. All our footwear has been selected and approved by the Somerset, KY, physicians of Cumberland Foot and Ankle Center including:

  • Diabetic shoes
  • Running and walking shoes
  • Work boots and slip-resistant footwear
  • Custom insoles
  • Medical grade shoe inserts

Our professional staff is trained to fit and analyze your feet. The fitting process is important to match you with the best footwear. Keep the following things in mind for your fitting:

  • Don't get measured first thing in the morning. Your feet swell during the day and you want to make sure the shoes will be comfortable all day.
  • One foot is slightly larger than the other. Always fit shoes to your larger foot
  • Don't rely solely on shoe size to find your match. Our staff will measure your feet and you may be surprised at the size they fit you with.
  • Take time to walk around in the shoes, making sure they are comfortable and the heel doesn't slip or slide.

If your doctor has recommended inserts for your shoes we can also fit you with custom orthotics. With the proper footwear, we can relieve your pain and keep you on your feet!

At Cumberland Run-Walk, we take pride in matching patients with footwear that improves their lives. Come to our store in Somerset, KY, or call (606) 679-2773 to talk to a footwear specialist.

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