Should You Visit a Shoe Store for Diabetic Shoes?

If you suffer from diabetes, your choice of shoes is very important. You have likely already been advised by your doctor about the importance of exercise, but you also know how crucial it is to prevent injuries to your feet. This is where diabetic shoes can help, and your Somerset, KY, professionals at Cumberland Run-Walk will be happy to walk you through your shoe options and how you can get the best fit possible.

Diabetes and Infection

To properly manage diabetes, exercise is typically encouraged for most patients and walking is often one of the safest ways to do so. It can, however, put you at greater risk for injuries to your feet such as blisters or cuts that could result from shoes rubbing on your skin. Or conditions such as calluses, corns, or ingrown nails, among others.

The nerve damage that is often brought on by diabetes can not only numb your ability to feel that something has gone wrong, but can also impede healing, and could cause infections. Infections can quickly progress and could be limb or life threatening when you have diabetes. Having your podiatrist examine your feet on a regular basis is important, but so is a shoe that can minimize your chances of encountering these problems.

Diabetic Shoes in Somerset, KY

Diabetic shoes can help you keep your goals of remaining active while guarding your health. These provide the support you require while reducing the risk of some of the most common foot-related injuries by giving your toes enough room. When securing a fit you may be asked about insole prescriptions or any other guidance from your podiatrist. It may help to come for a fitting later in the day to account for the normal swelling that occurs. You can find all the details of the fitting process by scheduling an appointment with the experts of Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY, by dialing (606) 679-2773.

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