Finding The Right Walking Shoes

How the staff at Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY, can help find you the shoes that are right for you.

Walking is a great activity to keep you healthy and fit. It’s especially important to find the right walking shoes to help prevent injury, fatigue, and stress to your feet and ankles.

The caring and knowledgeable staff at Cumberland Run-Walk shoe store in Somerset, KY, provide a wide variety of footwear to fit your active lifestyle. They can help you find the shoes that are right for you.

To find the right walking shoe, it’s important to consider:

  • If you are walking inside because more breathable fabric uppers are better
  • If you are walking outside because more durable leather uppers are better
  • If you are walking on uneven ground like trails because a sturdy sole that wraps around the heel and toe is better
  • If you are walking on a track, because a thinner, more flexible sole is better
  • If your ankles are unstable, shoes with higher tops are better because they provide more support for your ankle

When shopping for the right walking shoes, remember to consider the size and shape of your feet. It’s important to:

  • Find a shoe that is wide enough for your toes to fit comfortably
  • Find a shoe that has a toe box that is high enough, so your toes don’t get crushed
  • Wear the same socks that you wear for walking, so you can get an ideal fit
  • Shop when your feet are warmed up or late in the day, when your feet are larger
  • Shop in athletic shoe stores where a staff member can fit you with the right shoe
  • Try on the pair of shoes, to make sure they fit both feet correctly and are comfortable
  • Wiggle your toes to ensure your toes have adequate room
  • Walk in the shoes before you purchase them, to get a better idea of how they will feel

Finding the right walking shoe will help you enjoy walking and get the most benefit. To learn more about how to find the right walking shoes, talk with the experts. Call the staff of Cumberland Run-Walk shoe store in Somerset, KY, at (606) 679-2773. Call today.

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