Finding Diabetic Shoes For You

Diabetic footwear is built to mitigate the painful and awkward repercussions of a number of foot conditions that are suffered by individuals with diabetes including poor circulation, numbness, skin breakdown, foot ulcers, and diabetic neuropathy. At Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY our highly trained and friendly staff understand the discomfort that people with diabetes have on a daily basis and we want to help improve your quality of life by fitting you with custom orthotic shoes. 

Unique Features Of Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes include a padded protective interior that is made from soft material and stitching that is flat against the shoe so that it does not cause any irritation. Additionally, the non-binding upper portion of the shoe ensures that there is no pressure on the foot so that bunions, toes, or the back of the heel are not irritated. If necessary, a diabetic shoe is designed to easily fit an orthotic insert and has a deep toe box for increased movement and limited to no pressure on the toes. The lightweight and cushioned soles improve mobility and stability while also reducing the excess impact on the foot. At Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY we’ll ensure that the perfect diabetic shoe is selected for your needs. 

Diabetic Footwear Advantages

Not only does diabetic footwear provide relief from pain, but also it can do any of the following:

  • Increase circulation
  • Stop the formation of calluses
  • Increase motion in the foot

Another benefit of diabetic shoes is that they may be covered under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill passed by Congress in 1993 and other insurances. Give your insurance company a call today to learn if they offer any coverage for your diabetic shoes. 

Diabetes can cause substantial nerve damage that makes it very challenging to feel pain in the feet which means that a person with diabetes may allow pain to go unnoticed until dangerous infections develop that need to be medically treated. Visit Cumberland Run-Walk if you need a pair of diabetic shoes or have questions. Give our Somerset, KY office a call at 606-678-9864.

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