Finding the Right Running Apparel for You

How the right running apparel from the athletic staff in Somerset, KY, can keep you comfortable while you are staying active

Running is great exercise. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, strengthens your heart, and keeps your muscles working. You want to be comfortable while you run, and that’s why choosing the right running apparel is so important.

The athletic staff at Cumberland Run-Walk, in Somerset, KY, offer a wide range of running shoes and apparel to help you stay comfortable while you are staying active.

Let’s look at some of the important apparel pieces, and what to look for:

  • Your socks; you want socks that will cushion your feet, and there are socks customized for running which will do just that. You should look for socks that don’t have toe seams but do have padded heels and pads on the balls of the feet.
  • Your shorts; you want shorts that are light, made of soft, breathable fabric. You want roomy shorts so you can move freely.
  • Your top; you want your top made of a moisture-wicking fabric, not cotton, so you stay dry.
  • Your bottom layer; for cold weather, running tights are an excellent choice because they keep you warm and supported while you run.
  • Your top layer; for cold weather, long-sleeved tops made of breathable material are great. Some runners also choose wool because it stays warm when it gets wet.

You might also choose to wear gloves and a hat in cold weather. Hats and gloves made of fleece are an excellent choice. You can add a buff, which is a foldable fabric you can make into a hat, scarf, or headband.

You can complete your apparel with the right running shoe, designed for your individual characteristics and needs. The staff at Cumberland Run-Walk have a large selection of running shoes and can help you find the right choice.

To learn more about what to look for in running apparel, talk with the experts at Cumberland Run-Walk, in Somerset, KY. You can reach them by calling 606-678-9864, so call now.

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