Why Custom Insoles Are Important

At Cumberland Run-Walk, we can develop a custom insole for patients in and around the Somerset, KY area. We offer style, support, and comfort for all. 

What Are Custom Insoles?

Insoles are the pieces of fabric and foam that are usually present in most athletic or everyday shoes. They work to provide support to your heels, your arches, the balls of your feet, and your legs. They’re especially important if you’re on your feet for long periods of time. 

Unfortunately, the insoles that come with most shoes are designed as a one-size-fits-all product. Some feet require more specific insole designs to remedy their foot pains. If you have high arches, for instance, you’ll need a custom insole to match your foot shape. 

The Benefits of Custom Insoles

Custom insoles help to give your feet the support they need. The trained professionals of Cumberland Run-Walk understand the importance of healthy feet. By properly matching the contour of both of your feet, insoles can offer improved stability and comfort. Additionally, custom insoles can:

  • Improve walking and running abilities
    By providing the proper support to your feet, you’ll reduce the muscle, ligament, and tendon strain you’re experiencing.
  • Reduce pain, swelling, or discomfort
    As your feet begin to work with less strain and stress, the associated discomfort will begin to lessen.
  • Develop better and stronger posture
    Our feet hold us up. If they are compromised, we adjust other parts of our bodies to compensate. With strong feet comes strong posture. 
  • Re-train your gait or stride 
    Especially for runners or other athletes, foot discomfort can cause a change in how your feet hit the ground. Legs and knees also experience discomfort when they’re moving differently than planned. By customizing your insoles, you’re able to re-train your muscles, creating more natural and efficient movements.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
    When your feet feel good, you’re more likely to be on them. Get your feet feeling right and your body will be able to move around more. 

Fit Feet

Whether looking for specific work or athletic shoes, or the perfect custom insole, Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY has all your custom orthopedic needs covered. The trained professionals are here to advise and help you make the perfect choice for your feet. Give them a call at (606) 679-2773 to schedule an appointment time.

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