Which Walking Shoes Are Best for You

The fitness experts at Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY, can help you find the right walking shoes

Walking is an excellent way to keep fit, and nearly everyone can do it. Walking improves your heart health, muscle strength, breathing ability, and more. Unfortunately, if you are walking with poor, unsupportive shoes, walking can also make your feet, legs, and back hurt.

The fitness experts at Cumberland Run-Walk shoe store in Somerset, KY, provide a wide selection of footwear to give you the best chance of finding an excellent walking shoe.

When you are shopping for the best walking shoe, consider these important questions:

Are you walking inside?

If so, a shoe with breathable fabric is the best.

Are you walking outside?

If so, durable material is the best.

Do you walk on uneven terrain, including hills and trails?

If so, you need a sturdy sole that wraps around the toe and heel.

Do you walk on a track?

If so, a thin, flexible sole is the best.

Do you have ankle instability?

If so, you need shoes with high tops, to provide more ankle support.

You also want to try on shoes:

  • Wearing the same socks you wear for walking
  • Late in the day, when your feet are warmed up
  • Where the staff can help you find the best shoes

Be sure you try on both the right and left shoes, so you know the pair will fit well and be comfortable. Walk in the shoes while you are still in the store, so you know how they will feel when you are walking for fitness.

Walking can help you stay healthy and vigorous throughout your life, so it’s important to find the best walking shoe. To discover more about what makes a walking shoe right for you, talk with the fitness experts at Cumberland Run-Walk shoe store in Somerset, KY. You can reach them by calling (606) 679-2773, so call now.

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