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By Cumberland Run-Walk
November 06, 2017
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Enjoy Life With Medical Grade Inserts/Insolesinserts

Foot pain? On your feet all day? Medical grade inserts/insoles can help with such conditions as shin splints, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, as well as foot, knee, hip, and back pain. These easy-to-use products stabilize the foot arch and provide superior cushioning and comfort. Cumberland Run-Walk, which is located in Somerset, KY, offers a variety of medical grade-inserts/insoles for all kinds of foot and lower body conditions, shoe types, and use occasions.

About Medical-Grade Inserts/Insoles

The insert/insole is the inside part of the shoe that supports the bottom of the foot. Medical grade inserts/insoles are specially-made devices designed to comfort and support your feet. They are made of the same materials that prescription orthotics are made of. Medical Grade inserts/insoles provide real results. They have been scientifically published in medical journals, and have been proven to work.

Reasons to Wear Inserts/Insoles

People use medical grade inserts/insoles for many reasons – comfort, prevention of foot problems, relief from pain, and to achieve greater performance while they work, play, exercise, or play sports. While runners benefit due to the greater performance achieved with the wearing of quality inserts/insoles, everyday people also benefit as prevention and relief from foot pain enables them to enjoy their lives.

Choosing a Shoe Insert/Insole

Think about the purpose. Do you just need arch support in your work shoes or are you planning to run a marathon? Look for show inserts/insoles that fit your planned level of activity. For the insert/insole to be effective, it has to fit into your shoes. So bring your work boots, dress shoes, or sneakers—whatever you plan to wear with your shoe insert/insole. Look for a shoe insert/insole that will fit the contours of your shoe. 

If you're looking for amazing insoles/inserts, visit Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset KY, or call us at 606-678-9864. And whether you want pain relief, comfort, or athletic support to keep you moving at the gym or your workplace, we have a range of products to help you do just that.