By Cumberland Run-Walk
February 03, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Most people don't give much thought to concepts like gait and the biomechanics of their feet until they are sidelined with an orthopedic proper shoesor sports injury. With a seemingly unlimited number of options when it comes to athletic shoes, it can be easy to choose the style and personal preference over function. But getting the right fit and adequate level of support is essential when it comes to shopping for a pair of running, walking, or corrective shoes. At Cumberland Run-Walk, a shoe store in Somerset, KY, getting the proper fit is the first step in finding shoes that will both look and feel good.

Supportive Shoes and Footwear in Somerset, KY

In our busy, time compressed lives, the thought of spending any extra time in a shoe store to try on different models and walk around in bare feet to measure things like gait can seem excessive and even crazy. We all know what our shoe size is right, what else matters? While standard shoe size is a general starting point, like age, how a pair actually fits and feels on the feet does not necessarily correspond with a fixed number. You may feel fairly certain that you're a size eight because that is the size you've always worn, but in order for the toes to move freely and not feel crowded in the shoe, especially during physical activities like running or walking, you may actually need a larger size for adequate support and injury prevention.

Although picking a random pair of shoes off the shelf or ordering online may potentially save a little time or money in the short term, wearing the wrong shoes increases the risk of suffering a sports or orthopedic injury, and developing heel and ankle pain in the future.

Find an Orthopedic and Athletic Shoe Store in Somerset, KY

Maintaining good physical health and fitness begins with finding the most supportive shoes for your feet and ankles. For more information on the shoe style and support levels that are best for you, contact Cumberland Run-Walk shoe store by calling 606-678-9864 and stop by for a custom shoe fitting today!