By Cumberland Run-Walk
July 26, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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When it comes to running and walking shoes, all pairs are not created equal. Some activities like physical exercise or spending long walking shoesperiods of time on your feet at work may require additional support than what the average pair of shoes or sneakers can provide. Or if you have common foot problems like low arches/flat feet, you may require additional support for even normal to moderate activity to help keep your feet and ankles in alignment and prevent strains or injuries. The foot and ankle specialists at Cumberland Run-Walk recommend seeing a podiatrist to find the level of support that is most appropriate for your foot type.

Specialized Walking Shoes in Somerset, KY

Most of us don't really give much thought to the shoes we wear beyond style and basic comfort. But like other types of athletic equipment, the shoes we wear for different activities are responsible for keeping the feet and ankles stable. When the arches do not have enough support, it can place excessive strain on other parts of the foot like the joints and heels, which can then increase the risk of common foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, achilles tendinitis, and bunions. Even if you are not experiencing any pain or symptoms at the moment, many foot injuries are progressive and can flare up over time. Specialized walking shoes are designed to provide adequate support according to your arch height and shape, whether you pronate (when the ankles roll inward or away from the arches), and how your feet and ankles bear weight as you walk to prevent unnecessary strain and inflammation.

Foot and Ankle Care in Somerset, KY

The right pair of running and walking shoes can make all the difference between enjoying an active lifestyle with healthy feet and ankles, and developing pain or an injury. For more information on the shoe fitting process and how to find the right pair of walking shoes for you, contact our office by calling 606-678-9864 to schedule an appointment at Cumberland Run-Walk today.