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By Cumberland Run-Walk
March 27, 2020
Category: Foot Care
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How your shoe store in Somerset, Kentucky can help you protect your diabetic feet.

If you have diabetes, did you know it can dramatically affect your feet? It’s true. Diabetes causes changes to your immune, circulatory, and nervous systems, which in turn can cause problems for your feet. The good news is, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference.

The footcare specialists at Cumberland Run-Walk shoe store in Somerset, Kentucky offer a wide selection of diabetic shoes, including all of the major brands. They also offer custom-fitting services, to help you find the perfect pair of shoes with the perfect fit.

Changes to your immune system can cause you to injure your feet and the area might not heal. Diabetic shoes can give your feet the protection they need to stay healthy.

Changes to your circulatory system can cause lack of blood flow to your extremities and your toes. Diabetic shoes can help keep blood moving freely, without the constriction of a tight fit.

Changes to your nervous system can mean you can injure your feet and you might not feel it. Diabetic shoes can help your feet feel energized.

Diabetic shoes offer many benefits. Just remember to look for a pair of shoes that:

  • Support your feet and give you plenty of room for your toes
  • Limit joint motion to help stabilize your balance, relieve pain, and decrease joint inflammation
  • Limit pressure and shock to your feet, especially the soles of your feet
  • Relieve pressure and friction to prevent a diabetic ulcer

Your footcare specialist at Cumberland can recommend a wide variety of options to give you and your feet the support and pain relief you need. You can choose from:

  • Custom-made shoes if you have a bone deformity, foot condition, or amputations
  • Shoe alterations to adjust the sole and provide increased shock absorption
  • Shoes to help you heal after surgery or diabetic ulcer treatment
  • Shoes with additional depth to allow for orthotics or inserts
  • Custom orthotics to absorb shock and relieve pressure on your feet

If you need diabetic shoes, don’t go to just any shoe store. Visit the experts, who can help you choose the pair of shoes that can change your life. To find out more about the benefits of diabetic shoes, call the footcare specialists of Cumberland Run-Walk shoe store in Somerset, Kentucky at (606) 678-9864. Call today and help protect your feet.

By Cumberland Run-Walk
February 27, 2019
Category: Foot Care
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Diabetic FeetThose suffering from diabetes are certainly not alone — this condition has become a major public health issue. However, learning to manage your symptoms is an important aspect of effective diabetic care. Diabetic shoes help reduce the occurrence of skin irritation and help you keep the health of your feet under control. Find out more about diabetic shoes with Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY.

What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition which decreases or stops the production of insulin, which controls the amount of glucose — more commonly known as blood sugar — in the blood. Patients with Type 1 diabetes do not produce any insulin at all. Patients with Type 2 diabetes do not produce enough insulin. Most patients suffering from diabetes have Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes slows blood flow to the extremities, which can cause numbness. This can keep the patient from recognizing an injury, which can then go untreated and become infected.

Do I have diabetes?
Diabetes may cause some mild to severe symptoms:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Frequent urination
  • Feeling very hungry even though your stomach is full
  • Blurred vision
  • Tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands or feet
  • Unexplained frequent thirst
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Slow-healing cuts or bruises

What are diabetic shoes?
Diabetic shoes come in various styles and are usually made from soft leather to gently support the foot. Additionally, diabetic shoes have a wider toe box and are often worn with a custom-made prescription insert, called an orthotic. Some shoes may also be custom-made, especially in the case of a deformity. Wearing diabetic shoes coupled with a daily foot care routine greatly reduces the chance of injuries or damage to the foot going untreated.

Diabetic Shoes in Somerset, KY
Since your feet are not as accessible as your hands, they are more susceptible to injuries going untreated due to diabetes-caused numbness. If you have diabetes, diabetic shoes can add a layer of protection to your feet. For more information on diabetic foot care or diabetic shoes, please contact Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY. Call 606-678-9864 to speak to foot care specialist today!

By Cumberland Run-Walk
May 23, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Have you ever wondered if diabetic shoes are just a marketing ploy? The staff at Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY, discuss the diabetic shoesimportant benefits the shoes provide.

What are diabetic shoes?

Your feet may be more vulnerable to infection if you have diabetes. The problem is more likely to occur if you've had diabetes for a long time or the disease isn't well controlled. Even a small wound on your foot can turn into an infection that's difficult to treat. Unfortunately, if your feet are numb due to nerve damage, you won't always realize that there's a problem immediately.

Some shoes are designed for appearances more than comfort, particularly high heels. Although you may look good in them, they may not be so good for your feet. If your shoes rub against your feet, blisters and hot spots can occur. Diabetic shoes are specially designed to prevent these issues. They feature roomy toe boxes, soft leather and extra cushioning. You'll notice that there are no raised seams or other features that can irritate your foot. When the toe box is wider and rounder, the shoes won't press against your feet when you walk and your toes won't rub together. The shoes can also accommodate bunions and hammertoes easily, which may decrease your risk of developing corns or calluses.

Diabetic shoes can also address foot problems that may make it more likely that you'll develop blisters and hot spots. Some shoes come with inserts designed to prevent ulcers by eliminating pressure points. Other shoes can prevent your foot from turning in too much when you walk.

Aren't diabetic shoes unfashionable?

You won't find any 4-inch stiletto pumps when you're shopping for diabetic shoes, but you don't have to settle for unattractive shoes either. Diabetic shoes are available in a variety of styles and colors and look nothing like the clunky orthopedic shoes you may remember from your childhood. When you visit Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, you'll find athletic shoes, casual styles and dress shoes, all designed to cushion and protect your sensitive feet.

Protect your feet and your health with diabetic shoes. Call Cumberland Run-Walk in Somerset, KY, at (606) 678-9864 to learn more about diabetic shoe options.